Managing VIdeo Overload

video surveillance

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens with all the video collected from all of the cameras doing safety and security? Well, soon, all of the feeds will be observed, processed and cataloged by computers. But what happens when the rain falls and the fog rolls in. Just like you, computers are blinded.

That is of course if they do not use ProHawk Vision. We need computers to watch the screens. Humans can’t and should not do it. For one, we get tired, so tired in fact after 20 minutes of watching the video we stop seeing. Not to mention the fact that we are talking about more hours of video than there are people on the planet and hours in the day. 

So what’s the point you may ask? Well, if we are going to rely on computers to see and asses what is going on we should make sure that what they see is true, accurate and intelligible. If we do this we can be sure the license plate is correct, the face belongs to the right person and the wrong person is not wrongfully accused. To do this we must ensure that the best possible video is delivered. 

That is where ProHawk comes in. We can take almost any video captured under compromised conditions and make it useful again. We bring light to the shadows, stop the rain and snow and sweep up the sand and dust. Frankly what we do is modern magic. So if you were wondering what I was up to or what’s next its this: 

I am helping to build the world’s first real-time video enhancement solution as a service. We are improving the vision of robots, machines, endoscopes and security cameras. We can see underwater, on the rainy roads and in foggy airspace. It’s all new and it’s game-changing. Stay tuned. The world is changing and all of us at ProHawk are going to help it see better every day. 

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