Use Cases

Discover why many of the world’s leading companies are choosing ProHawk Vision to help restore problem imagery & video, make smarter decisions, and enable computer vision applications.

Stera Inc. 

Application: Application of ProHawk Imaging Software to Shroud Ventral Image - Web.pdf

The Challenge: Applying ProHawk computer vision restoration software to the Shroud ventral image.

The Result: ProHawk Vision was able to visualize the banding in the structure of the Shroud cloth that was only previously visible in the transmitted light photographs.

Integrated Safety Technologies

Application: Meeting Safety and Security Requirement in Challenging Outdoor Environments.

The Challenge: Provide a major utility in Hawaii with a means to dramatically enhance usability and reliability of their extensive safety and security systems at the lowest possible cost.  

The Result: Dramatically Improve Facility safety and security with ProHawk’s Real-time Video Enhancement Technology.

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