Manufacturing, transportation, shipping, security and many other sectors are deploying artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve efficiency. ProHawk ensures that the data relied upon for vision and analysis is intelligible and of the highest clarity. 

AI systems need clear data to process and understand. ProHawk brings intelligible data to artificial intelligence.

In rain, snow, night or day a car traveling at 60 mph still covers 88 feet per second. ProHawk processes a frame of video in 20 millionths of a second or 1/64th of an inch. Vehicles using ProHawk see better and operate more safely.

Autonomous vehicles require real-time video processing. ProHawk is the fastest in the industry. 

Most every security camera produces 24 hours of video daily. There are already more hours of video than there are humans to monitor it. Video analytics can automate this but only if the images they process are intelligible. ProHawk empowers video analytics and therefore automated security to work more predictably. 

ProHawk can spot intruders where other systems fail. 

More and more medical procedures are minimally-invasive and operate with the assistance of a camera. The ability to see through fluid that contains blood and other particles is imperative. 

ProHawk enhances medical images and delivers confidence to physicians and surgeons.