ProHawk Vision Operator


Introducing the ProHawk Vision Operator for NVIDIA Holoscan – Revolutionizing Medical Imaging and Patient Monitoring.

Medical Devices

Enhance diagnostic accuracy with real-time image processing, ensuring intricate details are captured and analyzed promptly. ProHawk’s advanced algorithms optimize medical device functionality, facilitating precise readings and contributing to more effective patient care.


Elevate imaging capabilities to new heights. ProHawk empowers the NVIDIA Holoscan platform to deliver crystal-clear images with enhanced contrast and resolution. Whether in radiology or surgical imaging, experience a new standard in visual precision, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions swiftly.

Patient Monitoring

Transform patient monitoring into a seamless and responsive process. ProHawk’s integration with Holoscan ensures continuous, high-fidelity monitoring. Real-time data analysis enables early detection of anomalies, facilitating proactive intervention and personalized patient care.


In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the ProHawk Vision Operator for NVIDIA Holoscan stands as a beacon of innovation, revolutionizing medical devices, imaging, and patient monitoring. Elevate your healthcare solutions with ProHawk’s unparalleled performance and transformative benefits.

Features and Benefits

Real-time Precision

  • Benefit: ProHawk’s lightning-fast processing ensures real-time analysis, providing healthcare professionals with immediate insights for quicker decision-making.

Enhanced Accuracy

  • Benefit: Elevate diagnostic and monitoring accuracy with ProHawk’s cutting-edge algorithms, minimizing errors and improving overall patient outcomes.

Optimized Performance

  • Benefit: Unlock the full potential of NVIDIA Holoscan by integrating the ProHawk plugin, optimizing device performance for unparalleled efficiency in medical imaging and patient monitoring.

Seamless Integration

  • Benefit: Effortlessly integrate ProHawk into existing workflows, minimizing disruption while maximizing the capabilities of the NVIDIA Holoscan platform.

Advanced Visualization

  • Benefit: Experience a new level of image clarity and detail, allowing healthcare professionals to visualize complex medical scenarios with unprecedented precision.
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