ProHawk AI Video Restoration Education Series on Dell Aperture

Computer Vision Restoration 100 – Computer Vision Real World Environments

The main problem that ProHawk resolves for our customers are poor visibility real-world environment conditions. There are hundreds of video analytics companies focused on training AI to interpreting video to drive vehicles, deliver security, empower robotics, and better understand the real-world around us. The problem is poor visibility creates poor imagery. Various factors in an environment can contribute to poor visibility, including light issues, weather, sensor quality, obstacles in the environment, and particulate matter, which are various sized particles suspended in the environment. This session will provide a quick 8 minute overview of what to expect when deploying cameras and AI in the real world.

Computer Vision Restoration 101 – Video & Imagery Challenges & Problems

Computer Vision (CV), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and deep learning promise to revolutionize automation in scores of industries and applications. A major problem of AI systems trained on pristine imagery are errors due to the inability to interpret real-world, unconstrained environments where video is less than perfect. According to IEEE, “To half the error rate, you can expect to need more than 500 times the computational resources.” ProHawk contends this promise to revolutionize automation cannot be achieved if the quality of the video and images are poor.

Computer Vision Restoration 201 – Industries & Market Applications

Through ProHawk’s partnerships with NVIDIA and Dell Technologies, we have identified 8 major industries that can take advantage of the benefits ProHawk Vision can provide to them. These industries include: Critical Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Agriculture, and Retail. Each of these industries has several AI applications that can significantly benefit from ProHawk Vision’s computer vision restoration capabilities.​

Computer Vision Restoration 301 – Computer Vision Deployment Models

This session provides the deployment models and various ways to quickly and easily integrate ProHawk Vision products with live camera streams to dramatically enriches the quality of Video Management System streams and recorded video with latency as low as 2-4ms that is undetectable to the human eye. The ProHawk Vision product line is based on patented automated environmental restoration algorithms that corrects noisy, obscured, or unclear video into sharp, clear, visible video with intricate details, powered by Dell Workstations & Servers leveraging NVIDIA frameworks and parallel processing GPUs. ProHawk products are driven by five patented industry-leading Computer Vision automated restoration algorithms that reveal each pixel’s true representation based on light reflection and refraction of particulates, automatically producing live video that is intelligible for humans and computers. These improvements enable superior AI with earlier and more detections at higher confidence levels without the need to retrain existing AI models.

Computer Vision Restoration 401 – ProHawk Vision Restoration Algorithms

Learn about the patented ProHawk Vision restoration algorithms to resolve unclear video due to difficult challenging conditions such as: weather; Lighting; Darkness; Particulates: & Environments. Learn how each algorithms works, and how it can be utilized in a variety of problems real-world environments and conditions. Algorithms will cover a variety of areas critical to resolving optical difficulties, including: tone; contrast; color; motion; dynamic range; edge sharpening, visual noise reduction; logical & system restoration; automatic contrast; and automatic restoration.

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