From Point A to Point B – Safely

All roads lead to Rome simply because civilization depends on the movement of goods, services and people. It was true 2000 years ago and it remains true today. Of course we now have 7 billion people instead of 170 million and planes, trains and automobiles have done a fine job of replacing sandles, oxcarts and galleys.

No matter the shift in technology and volume the principals remain the same, get goods, services and people from point A to point B quickly, efficiently and safely.

A Whole Lot More

With single nation populations far exceeding world population a mere two centuries ago there are a whole lot more people and products to move and a lot more ways to move them. There is a worldwide effort to evolve our transportation network using the latest innovations in technology.

The goals of a smart transportation are numerous and noble including, safety, security, efficiency, law enforcement, emission reduction and energy conservation.

See Where We Are Going

Computer vision is playing a key role in this transportation revolution. Artificial intelligence, computer and machine vision are bringing sight to cars, trains, planes and ships. Traffic systems and traffic enforcement are being monitored and enforced by automated vision systems.

All of these systems need to operate in real-world environments and process video in real-time. With the realities of weather, dynamic environments and heavy traffic the act of mimicking human vision is challenging to say the least.

While billions have been invested in developing object identification, detection, tagging and tracking less attention has been paid to the quality of the video being collected.


See What’s Missing​

Before taking a ride in your first self-driving car don’t you want to know that its vision is superior to your own? A human eye blinks in 350 milliseconds. A single frame of video, 1/30th of a second, can be enhanced and improved by ProHawk Vision®​ in 16 microseconds, or 17,000 times faster than the blink of an eye.

In so doing ProHawk removes the fog, clears the rain and sees in the shadows. ProHawk can cut the headlight glare, remove vibration and give your cars on-board driving brain the clearest most intelligible picture of the world you are driving through.

Another View

Cars, planes, and trains are not limited to a single view of the world. While there is an ongoing debate of what is the correct combination of sensors one can conclude that more than one is probably a good idea. Today’s prototypes use video cameras, radar, ultrasonic and LIDAR. No matter which combination your automaker may choose we can use them all to deliver a composite view of the world around the vehicle.

Instant Visual Clarity – Everywhere

Autonomous vehicles need to process vision in real-time and require on-board computing. This is not necessarily the case for license plate readers, traffic monitors or safety systems. ProHawk can operate as an embedded solution, in the data center or in the cloud. Whatever your requirements we can configure ProHawk Vision™ to meet your application requirements.