ProHawk Vision SDK

Make Live Video Operational

The New ProHawk Vision™ Software Developers Kit (SDK)

A library of powerful computer vision (CV) algorithms, which dramatically clarify and enrich the quality of images and
live video. The ProHawk Vision SDK Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) fix noisy, obscured, or unclear images
or live video into sharp, clear imagery, or live video with intricate details. This makes images and live video more
intelligible and useable for humans, video analysis (VA), and computer vision.

Environment Problems Solved

ProHawk Vision fixes problems that obstruct capturing good live video that stem from the environment. When live
video is subject to difficult environments, problems fall into two categories: issues with light or lack of it; and issues
with various sizes of suspended obstructive particles in the air or water called particulates

ProHawk Vision SDK 5.0 solves the problems that cause poor live video with a variety of new features, enhancements and upgrades to support a wider range of platforms, formats, and conditions. While continuing to offer the world’s first true live video improvement solution with unprecedented imagery details.

Live Video Requires Low Latency
Live video and computer vision require industry leading 2-10ms low latency leveraging NVIDIA GPU’s or 16.6µs Xilinx FPGA’s to ensure there is no video lag or frame skipping for a camera or VMS. This enables ProHawk Vision to be embedded in devices such as: NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and AGX Xavier; Xilinx UltraScale+ MPSoC CG, EG, or EV devices.

Expose Fine Details
Clearly see fine details to identify specific objects, situations, vehicles, and people. The powerful detail enhancement algorithm exposes fine details to detect small objects and see details that were not visible, even with good video. Faces, people, animals, objects, weapons, vehicles, and license plates can all be easily identified and exposed.

Sensor Coverage
ProHawk Vision API’s improve more than poor color optical cameras, we increase the coverage range and accuracy of thermal sensors 300% and infrared cameras 500%. Humid climates cause problems due to excessive amounts of rain and fog which limit sensor range, along with the difficulties of sun glare.

Broad Difficult Conditions
A wider range of improvement parameters can be defined and programmed that quickly clarifies and enriches imagery in an efficient parallel process.  This helps to reach actionable results fast for a wide range of difficult live video environments, such as: Low contrast imagery caused by fog, rain, snow, dirt, and sand; and High contrast imagery created by the suns glare, backlight, headlight, low light, night, and even tinted windows. The ProHawk Vision SDK improves poor low or high resolution live video interpreted by operators, VA, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or CV.

Eliminate Effects of Motion
ProHawk Vision has a unique patented motion adaptation algorithm, which eliminates the adverse effects of objects in motion and moving cameras. This controls the residual image effect artifacts cause by movement or motion that eliminates annoying ghosting and ringing imagery.

Natural Color
ProHawk Vision’s effective patented color adjustment algorithm restores natural color representations caused by difficult environments. This restores natural full color recognition in low contrast situations, while eliminating color over saturation situations. See naturally in low contrast fog, rain, and snow or high contrast lighting situations.

Edge Improvement
The edge sharpening algorithm gives clearer uniform contrast details reducing noise and delivering natural image representations. This precise edge sharpening

Features and Benefits

Live Video/Low Latency

  • Industry Leading Low Latency, Compact High-Performance Algorithms Enable Embeddable Live Video Improvement
  • Dramatically Clarify Live Video with No Video Lag, or Frame Skipping That Enables Decisive Decisions

Expose Fine Details

  • Patented Detail Enhancement Algorithm Reveals Intricate Details, Even in Good Quality Video
  • Accurately Identify Objects, Weapons, Vehicles, License Plates, Faces, People, Animals, and Problems

Sensor Coverage

  • Eliminate Humid Climate Differentiation Struggles Between Body Heat and Ambient Surroundings
  • Increase Range and Accuracy of Thermal Sensors by 300% and Infrared Cameras by 500%

Broad Problem Environments

  • Programmatic Parameters Quickly Clarify Imagery Cause by Fog, Rain, Snow, Dirt, Sand, Smoke, Backlight, Lowlight, Sun Glare, Headlight, and Tinted Windows
  • Neutralize and Clarify Imagery Due to Light and Particulate Problems

Eliminate Effects of Motion

  • Patented Motion Adaptation Algorithm Controls Residual Image Effect Artifacts
  • Substantially Increase Recognition by Removing Annoying Ghosting or Ringing Imagery

Natural Color

  • Patented Color Algorithm Eliminates Color Over saturation and Improves Color in High or Low Contrast Video
  • Restores Natural Color Representations

Edge Improvement

  • Edge Sharpening Algorithm Improve Outlines and Reduces Non-Uniform Imagery Noise
  • Imagery Fine Details Enable Unique Identification of People, Places, or Things

Clear Value Add

  • Integrate or Embed in Devices, Cameras and CV Systems
  • Reduce Costs of Poor Imagery
  • Enrich Visual Details and Quality to Uniquely Identify
  • Raise Accuracy of Monitoring, VA, AI, and CV Systems
  • Alleviate Camera and Object Motion Problems
  • Dramatically Increase Effectiveness of Applications
  • Visibility in Any Challenging Environment
  • Improve Recognition for Operators, VA, AI, and CV


System Requirements

Operating System
Windows 7-10

Windows Server 2012-2019
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, 20.04.1 LTS

Maxwell, Kepler, Pascal, Volta, Turing, Ampere