Keeping the Lights On

Providing the world with a ceaseless supply of energy is no small feat. Whether the source of power is nuclear or coal, alternative or sustainable, all providers face a similar threat: the world’s energy infrastructure is a constant target for bad actors and criminals. ProHawk is dedicated to helping power and energy companies to secure their diverse and complex power systems.

Our Origin Story:
Provide 24-hour security of vulnerable facilities

Power is the life blood of civilizations, and every nation understands that a vulnerable power infrastructure equates to a vulnerable nation. It’s this threat that launched ProHawk.  

 In 2008, Japan, concerned about protecting its power systems from physical attacks and natural disasters, initiated a program to provide 24-hour surveillance of vulnerable facilities, focusing primarily on coastal power plants. 

Foiled By The Fog

Shortly after bringing scores of security cameras online, the operators were frustrated to learn that the persistent coastal fog was obstructing the view captured by the cameras. Not to be deterred, a program was created to see if the fog could be removed from the picture.

The New ProHawk

Three years and four patents later, ProHawk commercialized the fog-clearing technology helping to keep Japanese power systems safe – as well as those the world over.

Today, ProHawk Vision is the perfect complement to existing safety and security systems. Not only does ProHawk cut through glare, fog, rain, snow and silt, its ability to see in the dark, combine multiple cameras feeds, and empower video analytics transforms legacy surveillance into a digital-first security operation.  Suite

Power Up
Power plant safety and security systems.

To learn how we help design the next generation of power plant surveillance systems please contact us directly, or see the benefits for yourself by uploading your security video to Premium.