The Doctor Can See You NOW

A Clear Diagnosis

Providing visual clarity for surgical procedures and post-operative reviews has a variety of challenges. Chief among these is the diverse range of visual equipment providers coupled with a complete lack of standardization. As a result, the medical industry has been tasked with managing a wide variety of physical connections and different video resolutions from necessarily small cameras capturing low-quality video footage. Real-time video enhancement technology cuts to the heart of this challenge, presenting huge opportunities for improving the wellbeing of patients and the work of medical professionals.

The Doctor Can See You Now

The endoscope images below depict the results before (on the left), and after (on the right), the enhancement of video footage, using ProHawk Vision. ProHawk takes virtually any type of medical camera feed, enhances it in real-time and delivers the clearest possible images and video to medical personnel. If you see the efficacy of improving the performance of your video column, please contact us directly.


A Standard Endoscope Image before and after ProHawk Vision Enhancement

Undetectable To The Human Eye

Robotic surgical procedures demand clear imagery without latency that is undetectable to the human eye. The ability to process compromised, low-resolution or ultra-high-resolution video in real-time is an essential requirement for camera-driven surgical procedures.

ProHawk delivers the industry’s best performing pixel level computer vision restoration and enhancement with single-frame latency as low as 16 microseconds on FPGA’s and 2ms on NVIDIA GPU’s”. And under multi-facted change “Muscosal-Vascular Enhancement “ to “Mucsal Vascular Computer Vision Restoration is disruptive, game-changing, and turn-key. The ability to deliver clear images without any detectable delay to the human eye is critical in delivering a quality surgical experience. In-depth studies have revealed that 15-20 milliseconds and higher are detectable to the human eye.


ProHawk Vision is the only solution that offers both Mucsal Vascular Computer Vision Restoration and Visual Obscuration Mitigation (VOM). ProHawk Vision mitigate adverse conditions such as Blood, Smoke, Steam, Glare, and Lowlight while bringing out intricate vascular details. Post Procedure Review

ProHawk Vision provides medical professionals with the ability to enrich, enhancement and review recorded surgical procedures. Revealing subtle details aids in the quick recognition of a variety of medical conditions, such as lesions, polyps, blood vessels, vascular and mucosal patterns many times eliminating the need for biopsy. Less is More

ProHawk Vision operates with standard optical sensors on both live and recorded video. There is no requirement for multiple or proprietary sensors or special laser light source. In addition, there is no need for expensive, time-consuming, contrast agents, that provide limited windows for procedures, risk of skewed results from over and under staining, and potential for adverse allergic reactions in patients. 

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What you do is complicated. That is why we rely on professionals in your field to assist you in assessing how ProHawk can impact your medical devices and procedures. To learn more Click Here and we will put you in touch with a medical expert.