Actionable Video Details Revealed

What was once a dark shadow is now a Nissan with a license tag number of GK15 AXM. Cars without make, model or tags are merely shapes in the night. ProHawk Vision reveals essential and actionable details with new or existing analog or digital cameras and safety and security systems.

From Edge to Core to Cloud

AI-enabled computer vision can now be yours everywhere and anywhere. Available now, ProHawk Vision 6.0 is untethered and able to run anywhere, at the edge, on generic or accelerated hardware, or in the cloud.  As an NVIDIA Preferred partner, ProHawk Vision no-code plugins with the full range of ProHawk restoration tools are available for embedding in your NVIDA-enabled edge (Jetson) or server-based systems (Metropolis, Holoscan), or within your existing VMS (Video Management System).


Great GPU Chips
Great Performance

Deliver real-time HD computer vision restoration and enhancement by running ProHawk Vision on commercially available NVIDIA GPUs, with an industry-leading latency of <16 microseconds (0.000016 seconds).

Cameras, Lasers and Sensors...

There’s more than one way to get a picture of what’s going on in the world around us. As humans we use sight, hearing, smell and touch to perceive the world, and our brains to collect and process inputs concurrently. 

If we want computers to ‘see’ better than humans, they too will need to ingest and analyze an array of inputs.  This is why we’ve developed ProHawk to process analog video, HD video, infrared, thermal, radar, LIDAR and numerous other image feeds concurrently, to deliver the most complete picture possible. 

We Sell Through Partners

When you are monitoring hundreds and even thousands of video sources concurrently you need to partner with the best in the industry. ProHawk’s pioneering approach to video enhancement means that today, we’re delivering the clearest video possible to both human operators and video analytics systems.  Our technology integrates seamlessly with VMS vendors including Genetec, Geutebrück, Johnson Controls, Milestone, Network Optix, and Salient Systems. ProHawk is available as an integrated or plugin component of these solutions through channel partners and ODM/OEMs.

Product Information

ProHawk owns 4 issued patents including inventions covering the following:

Histogram Color Space Brightness Contrast Optimization

  • Adjusts every pixel in low contrast images with extreme dark and bright differences to expose fine details
  • Automated imagery brightness including movement

Sensitization & Noise Reduction

  • Algorithm that detects rapid motion for every pixel simultaneously to eliminate unwanted objects obscuring visibility
  • Noise reduction is the process of removing random or white noise with an even frequency distribution, or frequency dependent noise introduced by a device’s mechanism or signal processing algorithms from a signal

Contextual Color Enhancement

  • Independent 1-pass parallel processing of brightness & color, fast performance enables real-time enhancement
  • Identifies color in over and under exposed areas to deliver improved color representations natural to the human eye

Low Contrast - Light & Dark Imagery

  • Parallel processing imagery handling of extreme bright or dark low contrast or both
  • Superior real-time enhancement for fog conditions

Tone Map Correction Contrast Improvement

  • Construct limited adaptive histogram equalization eliminates grainy gradient noise
  • Eliminates excessive contrast controlling brightness of the entire screen