Do You See What I See?


The most advanced eyes on the planet belong to the mantis shrimp. While we have 3 types of photoreceptors who understand red, green and blue, the mantis has 12. As a result, the mantis can see polarized light and an entire spectrum of color we can only imagine. 

The interesting thing is that while the mantis has amazing eyes it has a fairly primitive brain. To a certain degree the opposite is true of humans, simple eyes, amazing brain. Think of it. Light travels through our cornea, through a lens, flips upside down and lands on our retina populated with millions of photoreceptors. The photoreceptors send the data through the optic nerve into the brain where the real magic takes place. The brain flips the image, merges two images into one, makes everything 3D and adds depth perception. 

While we cannot see what the mantis sees our brains can develop infrared, ultraviolet and thermal cameras. These cameras detect images in the light spectrum we miss. They can help us to see at night, detect human and animal activity and all sorts of other things. 

Now that we are teaching computers to see is there any reason  why we need to limit their vision to what we can see and understand? I don’t think so. 

A while back I had a boat and as the captain of that boat is was my responsibility not to run it into anything. While I had good boat skills I still have poor night vision. To make up for my shortcomings I added a thermal camera to the ship so I could see further and more accurately at night. The camera would pick up the heat signature from ships at sea and could even see footprints on the dock long after the humans that made them fled the scene.

My point is I think we should be able to give computers a much better set of light detectors than we operate with. To that end I am happy to report that in addition to performing some amazing video enhancement functions ProHawk also allows multiple types of video sources to be combined to deliver a much more accurate and comprehensive view of what is really out there. 

So if you are looking to get a clearer picture or you want to make sure that your video analytics, machine/computer vision is working with the most complete visual data set, give us a call or visit www.prohawk.aifor more detail on the details we can bring to your eyes and video analytics systems. 

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