What You Can See Can Hurt You

Is your security system keeping an eye on everything? If you’re relying on human operators alone, the answer is likely to be no. Studies have shown that after watching safety video for a mere 20 minutes, operators can fail to detect up to 90% of the events they’ve been trained to detect. For instance, even if an intruder is clearly on the screen, they may not be noticed. ‘Video fatigue’ impacts operator performance and effectiveness – and compromises the security of your business or your customer’

What They Can’t See Can Hurt You

In an effort to monitor more feeds more effectively, security professionals are turning to video analytics. The most advanced video analytics tools can be used to automatically detect breaches, identify objects, and track motion, intruder speed and direction and many other key factors. Automated video analytics are ever-vigilant, never bored and impossible to distract but what if the conditions they are programmed to detect are obscured by weather, light, or other adverse conditions?


ProHawk delivers the clearest possible images to video analytics systems increasing detection rates by as much as 500%. 

Cut Through The Fog

ProHawk Vision was developed to protect precious national infrastructure by literally cutting through the fog. By removing rain, snow, mist, fog and other particulate matter ProHawk enables automated systems to detect intruders and sound alarms 24/7.

Work With The Best

Today’s modern video management systems do more than simply switch video feeds to displays. They can overlay video streams on maps, identify intruders, create geo-fences and know the difference between friend and foe. When we seamlessly integrate with your video management system you will be amazed at how everything just sees and works better.

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