No Time To Waste

Command and control in the battlefield rely on accurate and actionable intelligence. This now includes an  increasing volume of data from video captured in the field via aerial and ground safety systems, all of which must be analyzed efficiently and effectively. When these systems encounter dust, smoke or other airborne particles (mainstays of many battlefield environments), the ability to make informed decisions is severely impaired.

ProHawk enables  the real-time processing and enhancement of video as it is captured live in the field. ProHawk removes the smoke and dust from explosions, reduces  glare from the sun, stabilizes shaking, and removes waves caused by heat scintillation. It is empowering analysts and commanders to make informed, intelligent and accurate decisions.

Land Air and Sea

Military action takes place in all theaters, and each environment presents its own class of visual challenges. Aerial monitoring requires personnel to see through clouds, smoke, dust and darkness. Amphibious operations are complicated by ocean spray, subsea low visibility, low light and glare. Ground troops and systems, meanwhile, may encounter all of the above, plus vibration or shaking of images due to capturing footage live in the field . There’s rarely time to improve and enhance video footage on-the-job. As a result, we’ve developed ProHawk to automatically remove the noise and impairments created by field conditions.

First To Respond

In the face of disaster, life-saving decisions require crystal clear intelligence. This is why First Responders rely on ProHawk Vision to make communications as clear as possible.

The video which may otherwise be compromised by smoke, fire, dust, darkness or glare, is enhanced by ProHawk in real-time before being shared with first responders and command. “

Just The Facts

We live in a hyper-surveilled world. Continuous monitoring of people and things is being embraced by a growing number of law enforcement agencies globally, which are relying on video evidence to cut crime and deliver justice. However, video collected from security cameras, dash-cams and body cams is often difficult to interpret due to environmental elements such as darkness, glare or vibration. 

 ProHawk brings the truth to light by revealing hidden details relating to suspects, witnesses and crime scenes. 

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