What started out as a solution for a specific customer problem has bloomed into a portfolio of computer vision solutions that can make the world a better and safer place. The company’s patented algorithms and technologies enable real-time, pixel-by-pixel video restoration, overcoming all environmental obstacles, including rain, snow, sand, and pollution. 

 Digital Transformation and automation are changing the world around us faster than we thought possible. The ability of  machines and computers to take on mundane and repetitive tasks is freeing us humans to enjoy more creative and intellectual pursuits. 

Computers never get tired, they never feel bored, and they never take sick days – great news for us and the future of the workplace. However, there is one crucial area in which machines fall short. We have an opportunity to create a better world, but only if we demand a higher standard of operation from our machines. This is our vision.

Vision is a critical component for automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the absence of quality images we have systems that fail to operate at optimal levels. To achieve superhuman performance, computers and machines require super human vision. We are committed to bringing that vision to all corners of the transformation revolution.

ProHawk More Than Meets The Eye

ProHawk AI dedicated to saving lives by making the world a better and safer place.