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Real Time Virtual Production Effects

Expose Stunning Details in Imagery

ProHawk Vision can make your video editing efforts much easier. ProHawk is a quick and easy way to enrich the visual quality of videos, films, and movies when fixing lighting issues in post is desired.  The shot below was saved using the ProHawk Vision restoration software, which showed amazing details on a challenging backlit scene. 

ProHawk’s computer vision software empowers you to control challenging scene visibility and produce the result you see above and do even more!

Footage Variation

One of my more challenging editing projects was incorporating footage from several shooters who had different lighting conditions, gear, and capabilities. If you can’t sufficiently control your light conditions or make enough accommodations or if you have been challenged by constantly changing lighting affecting your videos.

These images are showing one example of how ProHawk Vision cleans up the images to maximize exposure, brightens colors and reveals faces and stunning details that were invisible! This software was chosen to enhance the miniscule variations of color for a project involving the Shroud of Turin. Eliminate reshooting scenes and cut months off production reducing expenses.

Increase Pop & Visual Appeal for Viewers

No one sets out to shoot a scene that is too dark to convey the feelings or other details of the shot.   The screen shot on the left was all the editor had available; the scene on the right shows the improvement when the dark footage was processed with the ProHawk software. 

If you have some footage that needs to increase pop and visual appeal, it can be rescued,

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