Self Driving Cars And Autonomous Vehicles

Enhance Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics

Solving computer vision challenges

Improving Autonomous Vehicle Safety and Performance Through Better Vision

Overcoming the visibility hurdles of real-time video

Autonomous vehicles rely on real-time video gathered from multiple cameras to analyze surroundings, evaluate obstacles and make safe navigation decisions.  This requires high-quality, actionable video footage, regardless of environmental conditions.

Unfortunately, even the most advanced, high-definition, wide dynamic range (WDR), thermal and infrared cameras are limited by optical physics and environmental challenges such as rain, snow, dirt, dust, low-light, night, glare fog, etc. The ProHawk Vision Suite’s ™ easy-to-use, highly-scalable Instant Visual Clarity technology solves these problems by performing video restoration in real time, extracting substantially better data for vastly improved computer vision.

You cannot avoid what you cannot see. LIDAR systems can be significantly affected by snow and heavy rain. The ability to merge multiple camera sources and remove video noise can mean the difference between a safe journey and a collision.


Putting Optical Physics and Environmental Challenges in the Rearview Mirror

Trusted solution for improving video quality

ProHawk is dedicated to solving some of the most pervasive video quality problems which continue to present a barrier to the development of safely deployable autonomous vehicle technologies. We’re able to extract substantially better data for event detection, video tracking, object recognition, learning, indexing and motion estimation. Our advanced technology turns video captured in less-than-ideal conditions into actionable video that supports the creation and development of safe, next-generation vehicles.

Adverse Lighting Doesn’t Have to Be Blinding​

ProHawk technology overcomes adverse lighting problems caused by night, low light, backlight and extreme contrast like sun glare, headlights and infrared imaging.

Extreme Weather Shouldn’t Wash Out Visibility

ProHawk technology dramatically improves video quality, even when impacted by severe rain, snow, dense fog, mist or haze.  

Airborne Particles Don’t Have to Degrade Visibility

ProHawk technology overcomes environmental challenges including sandstorms, smoke, smog, dirt and dust to deliver greatly improved video image quality.  

What You Can’t See Can Hurt You

Smart car technology gets a visual upgrade

Smart car technologies, such as backup assistance, lane assist, collision alert and avoidance, and adaptive cruise control rely on visual systems to make instant decisions to guarantee the safety of passengers and road users. ProHawk’s patented technology performs computer vision restoration and enhancement in real time to support real-world conditions. Our advanced solution ensures that safety never takes a back seat.

Accurate Vision is Key to Robotic System Success

Improved computer vision enables better performance

Robotic systems rely on visual cues to evaluate the surrounding environment and carry out critical tasks accurately and efficiently. ProHawk technology unlocks the highest quality, real-time video enhancements with patented ultra-low latency, dramatically improving visual clarity instantly. In short, we remove and clean up the visual noise and reveal the truth in digital images automatically.