Artificial Intelligence
and Vision

The New ProHawk Vision™ 5.0

Instant Visual Clarity ® can now be yours everywhere and anywhere. Available now and for the first time ever, ProHawk Vision™ 5.0 is untethered and able to run in the cloud and on your generic hardware.

Building a Better Human

Since the days of Alan Turing, the dream of many computer scientists has been to develop and teach computers to demonstrate a level of ‘intelligence’ which rivals that of humans. While much progress has been made since the 1950’s and the Turing Test, there remain two key areas of AI which continue to challenge us and have presented a barrier to innovation: Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

No matter your application – driving a car, securing a building, building a smartphone – the ability for a computer to ‘see’, interpret and interact with its surrounding world is dependent on one basic input: live video. 

Clouded Judgement

The action required to avoid a deer on the highway, spot an intruder, or select the correct component hinges on the computer’s ability to interpret the data or images provided. If that data is obscured by darkness, rain, fog or glare then the system is blind and unwanted outcomes may result. 

There are as many ways to perform object identification, tracking and tagging as there are cameras to collect it. No matter which method is chosen, the application can only act on the information it receives. And without the right information, errors (or accidents) can, and do, occur.

Best Images Better Results

ProHawk Vision® improves the quality of all types of video and images to ensure that your application can See Everything it needs to see and deliver the results your customers expect. 

Clarity in Inclement Weather

ProHawk Vision® patented technology brings clarity to images obscured by rain, fog, snow, glare, darkness, sand, smoke, dust, silt, water borne particles,  reflections or heat waves. 

Building on a Good Thing 

With ProHawk, one good thing leads to another. Each algorithm we run on your video improves the quality of the data for the next algorithm. It’s a bit like the rain stopping, the clouds clearing and the sun emerging, things just get clearer and brighter as we go. 

The Better Human

ProHawk Vision® helps you and your customers to reveal hidden objects and details. ProHawk can deliver intelligible data to your video analytics systems that is simply not available without ProHawk enhancement. This means your systems see more, understand more and learn faster than your competitors.

Machine Vision

For machines to ‘see’, interpret, and react in the real-world, they must be able to function in real-time. ProHawk has achieved an industry-leading latency speed of less than 20 µs, leaving its competitors running in slow-motion. .

Image Recognition

No matter what form of object detection you are looking to deploy, your system can only interpret and process what it sees. ProHawk delivers the clearest video resulting in the most intelligible data for all image and object detection applications.

Deep Learning

Cataloging large numbers of objects to drive deep learning requires clear intelligible images. However, systems working well in the lab don’t always translate to systems performing well in real-world environments. Make sure your machine learning is working with the best quality source video.

The Bottom Line is Clarity

A computer cannot process what it cannot see. Nor can it learn from a list of unidentified objects. Yes, machines are taking on more repetitive, mundane tasks, but they’re also, increasingly, doing mission-critical work. There’s a lot at stake in the automation of human activity, so shouldn’t we take steps to ensure that the computers can see and function better than we can?

If you want to find out more about how you can bring clarity to your source video and optimize the performance of your vision systems, get in touch.