Processing the Invisible

We are entrusting our privacy and security to the blind, computers that is.

In 2014 IHS Global reported that there were 245 million professionally installed video security cameras in use. IHS also predicts that China is on target to `install 626 million new cameras next year. 

With 1 billion operational security cameras just around the corner, we are already recording more video than is humanly possible to observe or monitor.

Do you know what happens to a trained operator after 20 minutes of monitoring a single video feed? They go, “video-blind.” In other words, the end up missing what they are paid to find.

Whether you believe the science or not it is somewhat irrelevant. Why? Too much video. Even if we humans were the best surveillance sleuths on the planet, there are not enough of us to go around.

“1 Billion cameras produce 24 Billion hours of content – daily.”

Moreover, who wants to sit around all day staring at screens? Mmmm, well. I mean security screens. Even if you were paid well for your time, I think we can agree there are more valuable things you could be doing.

This video glut is why billions of hours of video are driving the video analytics market to $9.4 billion in 2023 with a CAGR of 22.8%.

Since 2011, 606 companies focused on video analytics have closed 1301 investments. One thousand five hundred investors engaged, with the most significant deal being worth $1 billion. All of these stakeholders are intent on the automatic interpretation of the collected video. However, what if that video is unreadable?

The reality is that the sun sets, rain and snow fall, fog rolls in and in some instances smoke and dust fly. How capable are intelligent cameras that cannot see?

 All of us know the old trope, “Garbage in garbage out.” In this case, the video is the data, and if the quality is poor, the analytics will also be poor.

At ProHawk, we are focused on the source. The original raw material analytics will process and hope to learn from. Without clear video, there cannot be a clear interpretation of what is truly going on.

ProHawk is the first video enhancement company to mitigate all of the most common mitigating factors and do so in real-time.

 How does an intelligent camera detect intruders when intruders cannot be seen?

Before processing, the above video was effectively useless to automated surveillance systems.

 After-processing, the presence of moving human figures, is apparent to the naked eye and to automated systems.

ProHawk makes poor quality and compromised video visible.

To learn more on how we might enhance your vision, please visit

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