ProHawk AI And Milestone

Managing thousands of simultaneous video feeds is a daunting task and the ability to do so effectively is a key driver of Milestone success. As the world-leader in video management systems, Milestone is the go-to company to solve your complex video safety and security challenges.

While Milestone makes managing video easier it does not make video clearer. This is where ProHawk adds value. Working as an integrated component of the Milestone XProtect system, ProHawk improves video quality across the board resulting in greater camera range and dramatically improved video analytics performance.

ProHawk is proud to be a certified Milestone Solution Partner and we are eager to work with you and your Milestone reseller to deliver the clearest video possible.

Why You Should Work With Milestone And ProHawk

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Milestone pioneered IP video surveillance technology and has been leading the pack ever since


An international brand with a global presence

Milestone XProtect Video Management Software

ProHawk Vision and the Smart Client Plugin provide similar capabilities. ProHawk Vision is an application that directly integrates a Milestone XProtect Server and ProHawk Vision computer vision restoration.

ProHawk Vision allows authorized VMS users to connect the Milestone Video Management System (VMS) and will allow selecting the camera to view in the application. Once a camera is selected, ProHawk Vision will display both the original stream, and the ProHawk Vision clarified stream.

Users may select from a list of ProHawk computer vision restoration filter presets provide instantaneous one-click instant clarity in challenging visual conditions. In addition, ProHawk Vision and the Smart Client Plugin allows the user to adjust the ProHawk clarity parameters individually to hone-in on hidden details. The video replay capability allows users to record and playback clarified video streams directly from the Milestone XProtect recordings.

The ProHawk Vision XProtect Smart Client Plugin is designed to directly integrate with Milestone XProtect Smart Client. ProHawk running as a plug-in to the Milestone XProtect Smart Client enables users to adjust computer vision restoration settings in real-time, zoom in and pan on computer vision restored video from within a Milestone XProtect Smart Client.