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Processing the Invisible

We are entrusting our privacy and security to the blind, computers that is. In 2014 IHS Global reported that there were 245 million professionally installed video security cameras in use. IHS also predicts that China is on target to `install 626 million new cameras next year.  With 1 billion operational security cameras just around the


Managing VIdeo Overload

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens with all the video collected from all of the cameras doing safety and security? Well, soon, all of the feeds will be observed, processed and cataloged by computers. But what happens when the rain falls and the fog rolls in. Just like you, computers are blinded.

Video Enhancement

Do You See What I See?

The most advanced eyes on the planet belong to the mantis shrimp. While we have 3 types of photoreceptors who understand red, green and blue, the mantis has 12. As a result, the mantis can see polarized light and an entire spectrum of color we can only imagine.  The interesting thing is that while the

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